2 — Walter moves in

Chapter 13, pages 59-60

… [Walter] counted out six $100 bills and four twenties and gave them to Ted. “If you haven’t got change now, you can give it to me later.” Ted led the way inside, picked up two sheets of paper from the small dining table, and handed one to Walter to read. It was a simple and straightforward lease agreement, giving either party the right to terminate the rental with thirty days written notice. Walter signed both copies and Ted did likewise, giving one back to Walter, who scanned it to learn Ted’s full name. “Ted Wilson, eh? Have I heard of you somewhere before?”

Ted managed a weak smile. “I sure hope not. I’d rather that neither of us turn up on milk cartons.” He’s beginning to loosen up, Walter thought. That’s real progress. Ted reached in his pocket, pulled out two keys, and handed them to Walter. “I made two duplicates for you. They open both the front and back doors, and the locks are set up so you can’t lock yourself out of the house unless you try real hard.” Reaching into another pocket with his other hand, he produced another key. “This is for the padlock on the storage shed. You’ll find the garbage can in there, along with some tools and things that might come in handy. I recommend that you keep the garbage locked up, so animals can’t get to it and spread it all over the property. I make a run to the transfer station in KFalls every two or three weeks, and I can take your trash when I go. Any questions?”

“Not that I can think of, but I’m sure something will come up. How do I find you when they do?”


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